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Whether using All-on-4®, Teeth in a Day®, or traditional methods for implants, a full arch dental implant procedure gives you the privilege and power to live your life with realistic replacements for missing teeth.

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The perfect treatment designed to give every patient the privilege and power to live their life the fullest!

Full arch implants refer to an important type of dental prosthetic treatment. To those who might require it, this type of treatment boasts a new lease of life, and it’s because full arch dental implants can completely replace a full set of missing teeth. Gone are the days when patients would need to struggle with uncomfortable, awkwardly-fitted dentures to fix a lost set of teeth.
Teeth fall out, or need removing, for various different reasons. Examples might range from a lack of dental upkeep, sustained trauma, to just old age. Replacing lost teeth is crucial, though, and this is because losing teeth can cause serious, avoidable issues. Just a few missing teeth can completely shift biting pressure, alter the way your face sits, and affect how you speak. These are just a few instances, so the extent of what can happen will depend on an evaluation from a dentist.
Full arch dental implants offer a fantastic solution to these kinds of issues, and they leave patients with the most life-like prosthetic for teeth currently on offer in restorative dentistry.

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