Step by Step Dental Implants - Synergy Dental Implants
  • Step 1-01Step 1-01

    Step One – Your Clinical Assessment

    Initial booking – 10 Minutes

    We’ve made getting your first Clinical Assessment with us as simple as possible. Book online here for a free Comprehensive Clinical Assessment with one of our Implant Surgeons. Alternatively, call us for free on 08082808039 to talk through your options with our Qualified Treatment Coordinators. They can also arrange your life-changing Free Clinical Assessment.


    Comprehensive Clinical Assessment – 1 hour (Free of Charge)



    This will be your opportunity to get to know your Implant Surgeon undertaking any surgery, whilst also airing any concerns or anxieties you might have. Many of our implant Surgeons also work as Surgeons in the hospital and such are used to manage difficult surgical procedures. This consultation will give your implant surgeon the opportunity to examine your current oral health and give you the all-clear to proceed further into treatment.

    Having a thorough assessment is crucial for any successful treatment. This will involve:

    • A free Digital Scan. This allows your treatment to be fully simulated so you can visualise the end result.
    • A free CT scan worth £250.00* to assess bone levels.
    • Relevant medical and dental checks completed before surgery.
    • A full sedation assessment including BP, Oxygen levels etc if applicable.
    • An open discussion with your implant surgeon about the treatment and costing
    • A walkthrough of payment/financing options.
    • A comprehensive Clinical Report will be posted or emailed to you.

    Consent Appointment – 30 Minutes (Free of Charge)

    You’ve consulted with your Implant Surgeon and had all the necessary preparations and checks completed. Next, you’ll need one final appointment with your dentist to approve everything so far. At this appointment, the implant Surgeon will talk you through your Clinical Report and answer any questions you may have. Attending this appointment doesn’t mean that you are bound to accept any treatment. In fact, the purpose of this appointment which is kept separate from the actual surgery day is so that you can have a cooling-off period.

    Your Implant Surgeon will walk you through the ins-and-outs of the procedure and the rest of your treatment plan, discuss any concerns you still might have, and get signed consent stating you are happy to go ahead.

    Next step – get your implants!

    *Free CT scan only available when choosing full-arch implant treatment.

  • Step 2-02Step 2-02

    Step Two – Your New Smile


    Implant-Placement Day


    This is the day you get your new smile! After a few more steps, you’ll be walking out the clinic doors with a new confidence. Here’s what to expect on the day:

    • Upon arrival, local anaesthetic will be prepared ready to be administered for the treatment.
    • We can also use sedation for your treatment.
    • Minor oral surgery will then begin which will involve using a surgical guide to place the implants in the jaw.
    • Your implants will then be placed and secured into the correct position.
    • The whole process typically doesn’t take very long but could take up to two hours per jaw.

    Depending on the method of implant surgery, you will either leave with a fully-customised temporary denture or a temporary retained bridge. We will always ensure each patient has a temporary prosthetic that allows your implants to heal correctly.

    First interim appointment


    For the first few months of healing, you will need close-proximity appointments so that your implant surgeon can observe how your implants are healing. The process of healing implants involves the outer jaw bone healing around and secure the implant into place. Your first check-up should be within 2 weeks of your surgery.

    Second interim appointment


    Your next appointment may be booked slightly later than three weeks but will usually be roughly six weeks after your initial surgery.

    Last interim appointment


    So long as each interim appointment has been successful, and your dentist is been with the healing, your last appointment will be scheduled 3 months after your original surgery appointment. You final crown or bridgework will be constructed and within 2-8 weeks (depending the treatment) you’ll get your final fit and reveal!

  • Step 3-03Step 3-03

    Repeat appointments


    Just because your implant treatment has come to an end, doesn’t mean we won’t continue to be there for you and your new smile. We encourage revisiting us for repeat appointments.

    This way, you’re in safe hands! You will also be booked to see one of the hygienists regularly.